We desperately require sponsoring or donations for. If you could somehow make the point that whilst we receive a government subsidy this does not even cover our monthly salaries and so we are entirely responsible for finding.

2 Thirds of our monthly income to cover the general expenses of food, travelling, Lights and water, school and medical requirements.

The following is a list of projects we need sponsored or donated:
Sponsor Maintenance and or petrol for a vehicle for a year.
Sponsor Medical Aid for our children
Sponsor Swimming Pool Maintenance
Sponsor Plumbing and Electrical Maintenance
Sponsor an industrial generator (to keep the Home operational when we have power outages and stolen cable).
Donate Tablets for school (many schools are moving to this form of teaching)
Donate emergency lights and fire detectors
Sponsor upgrade of furniture for children’s rooms – wardrobes, mirrors, chest of drawers and bedside tables.
Sponsor upgrade of kitchen flooring in children’s houses
Sponsor Lights and Water accounts
Donate New Wendy House for Pool Area
Sponsor upgrade of children’s play area
Sponsor paving stones
Sponsor Fitted Carpets

We appreciate and accept goods such as food as well as second hand goods in working order e.g. electrical and household items, furniture, musical instruments, gardening equipment, virtually anything provided it is in working order. The first priority is to use it for our children in the various houses and if not we sell it in order to generate income for the Home.

The following times for dropping off donations.
Unfortunately due to staffing and storage we are only able to accept donations of goods from Monday to Thursday between 8am-4.30pm.

We can accept donations of food on weekends as these can go directly to the houses.

With the current economic climate we are finding things very difficult in meeting basic needs let alone special projects.

Donations can be made to:
The Salvation Army Firlands Children’s Home
FNB Northcliff branch
Acc: 50400898290
Code: 253705